Three hikes to Enjoy the Fall Colors in Ushuaia

Three hikes to Enjoy the Fall Colors in Ushuaia

In March, here in Ushuaia, we welcome the colorful season of autumn. As leaves start to turn golden and temperatures lower, nature marvels both visitors and locals alike. Autumn is a perfect time to go outdoors and enjoy the many half-day or full day-hikes that Ushuaia has to offer.

Here we list three you should not miss (see the wikiloc links for specific details and coordinates):

Cascada & Laguna Submarino  (Wikiloc link) 

This trek starts in front of the entrance of Tierra Mayor Ski Centre. During most of the trek you will border the stream, and after about an hour and a half you will arrive to Cascada Submarino. This is an easy trek with no significant slope. From this point you can continue the trek for approximately another hour to arrive at Laguna Submarino. Arriving to the Laguna is a bit more strenuous, as you will have to climb!

Cerro Cortez (Wikiloc link)

About 200 meters before arriving to the parking lot of Hotel Arakur, you will find the Cerro Cortez trailhead. Trekking to the top takes about two hours (with stops included), and you will sweat! This hike is climbing and steep the whole way. Once you are above the treeline, you will enjoy an amazing view of the city of Ushuaia and of the surrounding mountains.

 Lagunas Gemelas (Wikiloc link)

The trailhead to get to Lagunas Gemelas is located about 800 meters before arriving to Paso Garibaldi viewpoint (*departing from Ushuaia). There is a small “waterfall” on the right side of the route* where most people park. From there you have to walk about 100m (in direction to Ushuaia) to find a small sign that introduces you to this trek.

This is a short hike of approximately one hour (or less) depending on your pace. It is important to wear waterproof/ water resistant shoes as the soil is saturated and chances are that your feet get wet the during the first part of the trek if you do not wear proper gear. The slope is gradual and as the trek already starts in a high point, the forest is no longer dense. When you get to the highest point you will enjoy an incredible view of Lago Escondido & Paso Garibaldi, and of course you will also enjoy the landscape that accompanies Lagunas Gemelas.

All three of these treks are free & can be done in half a day or less. When hiking in Ushuaia, we always recommend to be prepared for all 4 seasons, as weather changes quickly. Make sure you bring rain gear, a warmer layer and water/ snacks.

By investing nothing but your time you will undoubtedly enjoy from the unlimited richness nature offers.

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