Photographic Tips for Antarctica: An interview with Leandro Herrainz

Leandro Herrainz was born in Mendoza but has spent most of his life in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. After university, he became a local guide and continued to explore the mountains and rivers of the island that he loves. He has dedicated his time to many different areas: snowboard instructor, fishing guide, rugby player, and one of the best wildlife photographers and videographers in the area. Today he continues to work on different projects as a film editor for fishing shows.



FreeStyle Adventure Travel (FAT): What kind of camera you recommend to shoot in Antarctica?
Leandro Herrainz (LH): I always recommend interchangeable lens cameras with reliable autofocus and fast continuous shooting

FAT: What kind of lenses do you recommend ?
LH: If you go to Antarctica you will be amazed by landscape and wildlife, sometimes a super zoom works, but you will lose some quality, the best to carry is something around 24-70 mm plus a 100-400 mm.

FAT: Tripod: yes or no?
LH: The tripod is not a must in Antarctica, but if you spend a night camping, it can be great to take nice nocturnal pictures.

FAT: How should travelers protect their equipment during the landings?
LH: It is really important to protect your gear against the weather and even more important from the salt water during the landings, oso a dry bag is super important if you are carrying camera equipment.

FAT: What is your recommendation to get the best of Antarctica on your camera?
LH: If you want to take the best photos my recommendation is to spend the most possible time outdoors. From the ship deck, you will see lots of whales, penguins, birds and icebergs. Never miss a landing!

FAT: What do you have to say to those who are thinking to bring their phones as a camera?
LH: Nowadays, cellphone cameras have improved a lot, so if you decide to take with you only your phone you will be able to capture beautiful landscape and lifestyle pictures. The only thing you will miss out on without a long lens is farther away wildlife.

IcebergFAT: Go Pro?
LH: The go pro is a small camera, so if you have one, take it. During the zodiac trips is the best way to have nice footage.

FAT: Any piece of advice for the future travelers?
LH: be always ready, you never know when the nature will surprise you. Take all the photos you can, this is a trip of a lifetime!

Some photos from Leandro

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