Potential Landing Sites in South Georgia

South Georgia is a geographically unprotected island in the middle of the Southern Ocean, swells are large and thus weather heavily impacts landings.

If you plan to join a longer voyage that not only takes you to Antarctica, but also allows you to visit this marvel, you may be wondering what are the most visited places in South Georgia. Check out below for more info on potential landing sites!

Photo credit: Poseidon Expeditions

Grytviken – One of the most popular landings,  this is where the largest whaling station in South Georgia was established and where you can visit the great explorer Shackleton’s graveyard. Only a few curators of the South Georgia museum live there… temporarily.

Photo credit: Poseidon Expeditions

Salisbury Plain – One of the largest King penguin colonies in South Georgia. Get ready to be impressed by the majestic glaciers.

St. Andrew’s Bay – Ready for an explosion of wildlife? This is where you’ll find the largest King penguin rookeries in South Georgia!

Stromness – Love to hear more about the history of expeditions and whaling ? This is another abandoned whaling station with a small cemetery!

Drygalski Fjord – An impressive fjord that has shown scientists glaciation never reached its peaks! Photographers be ready!

Gold Harbour – This is a small bay in the southeast coast of South Georgia, well known for the white and blue of Bertrab Glacier charted by the Second German Antarctic Expedition, 1911–1912.

Travelers who decide to join an expedition that includes South Georgia are amazed at the majestic landscapes and the incredible wildlife living in these remote lands. Get ready to be impressed by the beauty of this place…and the huge numbers of penguins inhabiting South Georgia! It is called the Galapagos of the Southern Ocean for a reason!

Photo credit: Poseidon Expeditions

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