Potential Landing sites in Antarctica & The South Shetlands

Wondering exactly where you go when you join an Antarctica expedition? Although explorers in the past had a plan A in mind, they were prepared to change course because they knew they were going to unexplored places on Earth. In the same spirit today, traveling as a polar explorer on expeditions to the White Continent, requires flexibility! Your incredible expedition team will have plan A, plan B and even plan C to make sure you have a fantastic time while visiting Antarctica. Remember you are going to a remote place and weather really dictates the course of the voyage!

Nevertheless, you may be wondering what are the most visited places in the peninsula and we will be sharing with you some of the jewels of the Antarctic Peninsula. You may be visiting some of these places on your next adventure! Check them out below:

Photo credit: Poseidon Expeditions

The South Shetlands

Aitcho Islands – This is a group of islands located at the northern entrance of the English strait. Gentoo and Adélie penguins rookeries can be found here as well and elephant and fur seals encounters are also common.

Rancho Point/Baily Head – Located in the southeasten shore of Deception Island and inhabited by Chinstrap penguins.

Half-Moon Island – Bird lovers… This is a crescent-shaped island with a lot of bird life: chinstrap penguins, shags, Wilson’s storm petrels, kelp gulls, snowy sheathbills, Antarctic terns and skuas.

Hannah Point – On the south coast of Livingstone Island, this location is a sanctuary for Macaroni, chinstrap and gentoo penguin rookeries.

Pendulum Cove – Here you can witness geothermal waters in Antarctica!

Penguin Island – Here you may see Chinstrap penguins, fur seals and southern elephant seals as they breed here. The two Antarctica flowering plants can be found in this island!

Whaler’s bay – sail through the narrow passage Neptune’s Bellows in the circular flooded caldera known as Deception Island and witness not only penguins and seals, but also remains of the whaling era. You may see steam from the geothermal waters of this location.

Yankee Harbour – Located in Greenwich island, you may visit gentoo penguin rookeries, see and abandoned refuge from Argentina and a big glacier stretching along the bay.

Photo credit: Poseidon Expeditions


Brown Bluff – Thousands of Gentoo & Adélie penguins inhabit this volcano
Cierva Cove – A massive glacier gives birth to spectacular icebergs and pack ice. You may see several seals on ice floes taking a nap!
Danco Island – You can enjoy the Errera Channel from this small island that shelters Gentoo penguin colonies.
Paradise Bay/Harbour – Here you will see Brown Antarctic Base which is currently closed after a fire in 1984. Be amazed by mountains and glaciers. You may do your polar plunge here!
Enterprise Island – Whalers once used this island as a basecamp for their operations. A Zodiac cruise around the island passes a wrecked whaling ship. Located in Wilhelmina Bay!
Hope Bay – Have you heard of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1901-04)? Three members of this expedition spent the winter in a hut on the shores of Hope Bay.
Melchior Islands– You may spot scarred male fur seals here. This is one of their chosen locations to recover after the breeding season. Remember they have strong fights with each other to make sure females chose them.
Paulet Island – Home to a large Adélie penguin rookery, this island is located in the Weddell Sea. There is also a historic hut built by members of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition of 1901- 1904.
Wilhelmina Bay – Sometimes referred to as Whale mina bay because of the common sightings of whales. This is a calm bay surrounded by spectacular glaciers and scenery.
Photo credit: Poseidon Expeditions
Travelers often ask us, what are the highlights of an Antarctica expedition? For the animal lovers, wildlife & landings! For photographers and nature lovers, the landscapes! For the history lovers, the amazing lectures your expedition team will be giving you! For the adventurers, the polar plunge & the Drake Passage!

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