Freestyle Adventure Travel offers your the best deals on Antarctica expedition cruises. Our team is located in the port city of Ushuaia, Argentina. We will match you with the perfect voyage and walk you through every step of the booking and preparation process until we meet before your adventure to the White Continent.

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What do travelers say about us?

We just got back from Antarctica and it was the trip of a lifetime! We couldn’t have done it without Sarah. She’s incredibly detail oriented and was with us every step of the way. Highly recommend Freestyle!
Shiena Powelson aboard the Ocean Victory, February 2023
Thank you so much for such an incredible trip to Antarctica. We had the most amazing time. Trip of a lifetime. All the guides and hotel staff were amazing and truly gave us a trip to remember always.
Jacki & Melissa Hannan (USA) aboard Ocean Adventurer, Feb 2020
It was truly one of the most epic things we've done in our travels (and in our lives).
Natalie & Yoan (USA) aboard Hebridean Sky, Feb 2020
The cruise was totally incredible and so worth it!!! So once again, a huge thank you for your incredible communication, your patience during the days of payments and basically for the brilliant service you provided. Thank you for doing the most amazing job!
Kate & Tamsin Gallie (New Zealand) aboard FSGA World Explorer, Feb 2020
We had an excellent experience with Freestyle especially with you in our recent Antarctica cruise. It was great to meet you in person at Ushuaia. I am happy to recommend your services to anyone I know. In fact I have shared our experiences with our friends and told them how wonderful you were when we made our bookings with you.
Carol & Peter (Australia) aboard Polar Circle MV Ushuaia, Feb 2020
We booked an 18 day cruise through these guys. They were helpful and knowledgeable. If I did it again, I would definitely use them. Good last minute deals too.
Rachel & Declan Page, aboard Polar Pioneer, Feb. 2019 (UK)
Gabriel, Sarah and Miranda were like family the minute we entered their unique bunker office!!! Fantastic service and consultation!
Stanley Yeo, aboard Ortelius, Dec 2017
I would have to say that my experience with Freestyle Adventure Travel was wonderful! They were extremely efficient and provided me with a cruise to Antarctica where I had just about given up hope of even going to the continent. Sarah and Gabi did go the extra mile on this one and I will forever be grateful!
Guy Levasseur, aboard Ocean Adventurer, Nov 2017 (Canada)
I already got the antarctica deals for one year before leaving. The service was perfect! When I wrote when we wanted to go, we got a few offers, and we found the perfect one for us! And we got an amazing trip!
Nathalie Stoop, aboard Akademik Ioffe, Feb 2017
Unbelievable! Everything was perfect. I cannot find any words, even not in my mother tongue. Just — if you get the chance, you have to do it once in your life. You will love it.
Judith Kirchner, aboard Ocean Diamond, Dec 2016
What can I possibly say about this trip? It was amazing, stunning, energizing, and humbling all at the same time. My fellow passengers and I frequently talked about how we could adequately describe our experiences. We all agreed that nothing we said, and no photograph we took, could really capture the experience. Some of my favorite memories involved the sound. The sound of ice breaking against the bow of the Akademik Ioffe as we sailed through a seemingly endless sound filled with icebergs, small ice flows, and humongous tabular ice. The only sounds we heard were the ice breaking, wind blowing, birds, and one seal that decided to try to "intimidate" our ship. Thank you so much for helping me select the perfect voyage for me. I have taken some amazing vacations in the past, but none of them compare to this voyage — and it's going to be hard to try and top it in the future!
Stephanie Henson, aboard Akademik Ioffe, Jan 2017
My trip to Antarctica was both everything and nothing that I expected. It was beautiful, educational, and full of wildlife - and surprisingly the up-close interaction with such a raw, mysterious place will have a lasting impact on me.
Sarah Bufano, aboard Ocean Diamond, Jan 2016 (USA)
The whole experience was fantastic – something to remember the rest of my life. Don’t miss it if you are able to go, that is my advice to everyone! A lifetime experience! If you love animals – just go!
Ulla Andersen, aboard Sea Spirit, Dec 2014 (Sweden)