Antarctic Peninsula & Crossing the Antarctic Circle – World Voyager, March 2025

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Mar 21, 2025 -
Apr 2, 2025


12 Days
Camping Kayaking Paddleboarding
Round trip charter flights BA-USH + a free pre-night hotel in Buenos Aires.
Starting at: $ 18,999.00
About the Crossing the Circle: Southern Expedition with Charter Flights itinerary
  • Extend your time in Antarctica and make landings in less frequented sites south of the Antarctic Circle;
  • Incredible icebergs
  • Millions of penguins – Adélie, gentoo, chinstrap
  • 5 species of seals – crabeater, Weddell, leopard, fur and southern elephant
  • Whales – humpback, minke, orca
  • Visit historic research stations in the area of Marguerite Bay

This voyage starts in Buenos Aires, with a hotel night included. One day 2, take a charter flight with your shipmates to the Southernmost City in the World. Embark in the afternoon and begin your adventure south to Antarctica!


You may arrive in Buenos Aires at any time during Day 1 of your itinerary. Upon arriving in this splendid city, known for its soaring architecture and rich European heritage, you will independently transfer to the group hotel (pre-night hotel included).

After breakfast at the hotel, the group will transfer to the airport and board our private charter flight to Ushuaia, Argentina.

Upon arrival, you will have a little time to explore this quaint port town before heading to the pier.

Embarkation will occur in the late afternoon, after which your vessel will sail down the historic Beagle Channel. This famous channel transects the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in the extreme south of South America. Expect an air of anticipation as you depart—the next time you’ll see land you’ll be in the world’s most southern continent!

Crossing the Drake Passage, there is so much excitement in the air as you get ever closer to the white continent. Guests eagerly soak up the friendly atmosphere on board as our numerous Polar experts prepare you for your adventures with presentations on everything Antarctic, from wildlife to history. Eventually, cross the Antarctic Convergence where you will notice a distinct drop in temperature as you enter the waters of the Antarctic Ocean. Along the way, witness many spectacular sights from icebergs to an array of seabirds and even several whale species some of which are known on occasion to fully breach from the sea.

At Half Moon Island you will visit a breeding colony of chinstrap penguins that share their territory with fur seals and blue-eyed shags. The team also hopes to see the gentle humpback whale dining on krill in its feeding grounds and possibly have an opportunity to spot orcas and Minke whales as the trip goes. The expedition staff plan on walking ashore on the continent of Antarctica at Paradise Harbour or Neko Harbour. Although it will not be your first glimpse of the Antarctic, a walk ashore on the Continent will evoke emotions to carry with you for the rest of your life. The scenery here is amazing. In particular the oddly shaped icebergs looking like sculptures, as well as the colossal ‘tabular’ icebergs that break away from the continent’s ice shelf. Expect to feel transformed as you experience twilight from the very bottom of the planet.

By now, your knowledge of Adélie, chinstrap and gentoo penguins will be matched by your ability to differentiate between a leopard, fur or Weddell seal. Terms like bergy bits and pancake ice will seem normal, yet there are still many tales to be told. As you head north, Zodiac excursions will fill your days, and your Expedition Team will continue offering presentations while giving you time to reflect on everything you’ve experienced.

In the waterways of the Antarctic Peninsula, the goal is to make as much time as possible to explore by inflatable Zodiac boats and marvel up close at nature’s glory. The first goal will be to sail south of the Antarctic Circle and into Matha Strait or Marguerite Bay. Given favorable ice conditions, the captain will push our exploration even further southward, looking for historic and wildlife sites. From the most southerly point (south of the Antarctic Circle), we will make our way north along the Antarctic Peninsula, cruising through the narrow waterways and channels of the Antarctic Peninsula. Spectacular waterways such as Crystal Sound, the Lemaire Channel, the Neumeyer Channel and the Gerlache Strait will all feature in the itinerary. Landing sites might include Neko Harbour, Wilhelmina Bay, Petermann Island and the Yalours, where you will observe Weddell, crabeater and elephant seals, skuas and other seabirds as well as an abundance of penguins including some very large colonies of the comical Adelie penguin.

We will continue our lecture series and wildlife spotting as we sail back to Ushuaia and reflect on beautiful Antarctica and its fragile future.

You will arrive in Ushuaia in the morning, after breakfast. After disembarking, you will get a little taste of Patagonia, touring Tierra del Fuego National Park before transferring to the airport for the return group charter flight to Buenos Aires.

Welcome aboard the World Voyager

Classified as Polar Category C and Ice Class 1B, our ships are made for experiencing Antarctica to the max. World Voyager has been designed to operate at polar surface temperatures and ice- strengthened to safely bring you to landings amid the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, Falkland Islands and surrounding regions, and cross the Antarctic Circle.

Exploring Antarctica is a life-changing experience and it’s even better when you cultivate personal moments with the environment and your fellow travelers. With fewer than 200 guests on every expedition, it’s easy to connect with like-minded explorers in an intimate atmosphere. Gather at Water’s Edge, sitting just 30 feet above the water line, with craft cocktails poured over glacial ice and watch a whale breach the surface, all while being enveloped in warmth and comfort with heated seating. Cruise amid the ice floes on a Zodiac safari and feel a sense of wonder overcome you as Gentoo penguins swim alongside.

Technical Specs

Cabins & Amenities

The six-deck ship is lined with 98 guest rooms that range from a 183-square-foot stateroom to a 466 square-foot suite, accommodating just under 200 passengers.

Offering 270-degree and overhead views, The Dome offers the perfect perspective of Antarctica from every angle. Take in the sight of glaciers and icebergs from all around as you swap stories of adventures with your companions. Rugged peaks along the landscape inspire a sense of discovery that leaves you eager to step on shore and explore the Seventh Continent for yourself.

The World Voyager began operating the polar regions in NOVEMBER 2023.


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