Mitre Peninsula, where landscapes are unchanged & pristine

In the extreme south-east of Argentina, in the Tierra del Fuego Province, where the American continent ends and the Andes mountains touch the sea, Peninsula Mitre is one of the few places that have resisted the advance of humanity, keeping its landscapes largely unchanged and pristine.



    It is a mythical territory, extreme from a geographic point of view, from climate, and accessibility. A coast loaded by intensive energies created by the sea and winds, endless peat bog, bushy forests and abandoned estates. From explorer‘s shipwrecks of the past, to original villages of the nomadic Haush people, this area offers cultured and untamed scenery and history.

The landscapes that this territory offers are among the most fascinating and original in the world. Its most eastern point is Cabo San Diego, and its highest peak is Cerro Campana in the southern Montes Negros range with 1026 meters. 


The only settlements in this area are Estancia Policarpo on the north coast (on Policarpo River), Estancia Bahía Aguirre (southwest coast), Estancia Bahía Sloggett (further west), and Estancia Puerto Rancho (close to the southernmost point of the island, Cabo San Pio).  

For those intrepid travellers with a desire to uncover the myths and mysteries of this hidden and enchanted land, they will have the chance of going on a 10 days Horse riding adventure to escape civilization and uncover the true explorer hidden within.











There are some amazing ways to explore Peninsula Mitre from Ushuaia. Excursions run during the summer months (Nov to March) with limited departures. Reach out to us for more information!

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