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We offer Antarctic, Arctic and Cape Horn cruises aboard expedition vessels, ships built to navigate safely in polar waters that carry less than 200 passengers. Our ships are separated into four categories: Luxury, Expedition, Sailing and Cape Horn. These ships range in size, amenities aboard, service and adventure options.

Luxury expedition ships offer a combination of adventure travel with luxurious accommodations. These ships have spacious public spaces and lounges, choice of bed type (twin or queen) and Five-Star amenities such as a mini-refrigerator, TV and elevator.

Expedition ships are the “classic” vessels traveling to Antarctica. With ice-strengthened hulls, zodiac landing craft, and experienced naturalists and lecturers onboard, these ships carry you safely and up-close to the White Continent.

Sailing vessels offer you an intimate and “hands-on” experience in Antarctica. Become part of the crew and sail through the icy waters, experiencing a personalized and flexible trip with less amenities than a larger ship.

These small, luxurious expedition ships are designed to navigate the closed waterways of the Chilean fjords and Beagle Channel. Sail in comfort to the southernmost reaches of South America, with no open sea days.

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